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Welcome to Lake Manyara National Park

                                                         Photo by Michael Lund Markussen

Lake Manyara National Park
rests like a vibrant green emerald between the high wall of the Rift Valley and the topaz blue waters  of  Lake Manyara. This 50km stretch of land with its diverse habitats hosts a remarkable variety of wildlife. 
As you enter the park the road winds downward through a jungle-like forest where troops of baboon squabble along the roadside, blue monkeys scamper around the mahogany trees and shy bushbuck tread carefully in the shadows of the antiaris and wild mango trees.

Herds of buffalo, antelopes and zebra  roam the grassy floodplain with the alkaline lake in the background, shimmering in pink from the many flamingos wading in the shallow waters together with pelicans, cormorants and storks.

                                                         Photo by Michael Lund Markussen

Hippos wallow where the Mto wa Mbu River flows into the lake in the northern part of the park and in the acacia woodland you may see elephants and Manyaras legendary tree-climbing lions. In the more arid south, klipspringers are often seen statued on the rocks near a field of steaming and bubbling hot springs, before they leap off in their very characteristic way.

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