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Welcome to Tarangire National Park

               Baobab tree                                                        Photo by Michael Lund Markussen

Tarangire National Park is a wild gem of a park which has the greatest concentration of wildlife outside the Serengeti ecosystem, the key being the Tarangire River. It leisurely flows through the park from the marshes in the vast southern wilderness to Lake Burungi  just outside the north-western park border. The swamps have the most breeding species of birds in one habitat found anywhere else in the world.

Tarangire is the one place in Tanzania where you can spot the fringe-eared oryx and the peculiar looking long-necked gerenuk and if you are lucky you may even spot the rare African wild dog. Pythons as well as lions can be seen in the park trees. Above all, Tarangire is elephant country and home to one of Tanzania’s largest elephant population where herds of up to 300 animals can be seen roaming the land.
The huge and ancient baobab trees dominate in  many areas. They stand proud and firm with their bulky trunks, in spite of many years damage from elephants eating their bark. 


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