Recommend us to your friends and relatives by using your E-Mail

You are a great help to us “by referring us” using your personal e-mail.

The image above is automatically inserted into your GMail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail E-Mails by installing a little add on for your webbrowser. Both Firefox and Google Chrome are supported.

The few steps to create the signature are:

  • Go to the globewisestamp  page at and install the
  • When installed, open the wisestamp window by clicking the wisestamp icon ( top righthand menu in Chrome or bottom righthand side in Firefox)
  • Click on the HTML button on the right side in the menu (indicated below).
  • Copy and paste the following text:

<p><a href=""><br /><img src="" alt="" width="472" height="86" /></a></p>

  • Click on the “Update” button
  • Press “Ok” to save

Go to your e-mail page and compose an e-mail (you will see the clickable image included at the bottom of your mail.


“Thank you so much for referring us”