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Batiques, carvings, jewellry, baskets, bark cloth, khangas, Tinga Tinga paintings..... there is a good variety of local arts and crafts in Tanzania.

makondemakonde_4Makonde carvings are probably the best known art works produced in Tanzania.
The material of choice is African blackwood, or mpingo.
The carver’s work is both traditional and contemporary, reflecting a tribal past as well as a modern response to urban life where  the tribal myths and stories are often used as an inspiration for their masterful work.
The very charecteristic and colourful Tinga Tinga art style is named after a man called Eduardo Said Tingatinga (1937-1972) and has today become a bit of a trademark for East African art. The nave and cheerful paintings are created with bicycle paints and often depict wild animals in a fairytale-like manner. 
Today Tinga Tinga artists have their own unique styles, and even within this so special genre, they are particularly different.

maasai_necklaceThe jewelry of the Maasai tribe is always made by the women. Leather, beads, and sisal plants are used as the main materials in these intricate designs.


Kangas, kitenges and kikoys - all decorative and locally woven cotton fabrics that are extremely popular throughout East Africa, not only for clothing but for their multiple uses; no-one can ever have too many!


Baskets and clay pots   - plain or decorated - are as beautiful as they are useful for a number of purposes.


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