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Bagamoyo is the oldest town in Tanzania and has been designated as Tanzania’s seventh World Heritage site.
It was once  the major slave trading post in East Africa, where slaves were bought - or more often captured -  from remote villages in the interior of the continent to be shipped to Zanzibar or foreign lands. The name “Bagamoyo” means “lay down your heart” in Swahili and probably refers to it being the last place the slaves would stay in Tanzania before being shipped away never to return.
Bagamoyo has been influenced not only by Arab and Indian traders, but also by Catholic missionaries and the German colonial government. The town was even the capital of the entire German East Africa for a few years in the late 19th century.

Present day Bagamoyo is no longer the busy port that it once was, but Tanzanias Department of Antiquities is working towards revitalizing  the town and to maintain its dozens of historical ruins.

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