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With over 120 ethnic groups, the people of Tanzania create a wonderful and colourful kaleidoscope.
From the Maasai warriors and pastoralists to Hadza bushmen, athletic Iraqw and resourceful agricultural Wameru -  as a visitor in Tanzania you will be fascinated by the array of tribal cultures.


In 1995, a Dutch development organization, SNV, began exploring various opportunities for developing a program that would give local people the opportunity to generate extra income. This was the start of today’s popular “Cultural Tourism Program”.

These tours aim to give the visitor an experience of real African daily life. Local guides accompany the visitors to help to interpret and show interesting details of life. So far, reactions by both locals and guests are extremely positive. Throughout these international exchanges, the local communities use a part of the generated income for specific development objectives.

A typical cultural tour includes visiting a village in a remote rural setting, entering a traditional homestead or kraal, walking across farms, fields and settlements, visiting local historical sites, visiting community development projects and even dining with local families. Speaking to the people, listening to tribal storytellers, meeting traditional healers, greeting school children etc gives the visitor a unique experience of Tanzania.

Visits are arranged in advance but be prepared to be patient. Life in rural Africa has it’s own pace and is not scheduled by the clock. All visits are made with the permission of local communities, who benefit from an agreed fee for each visit. As a guest, you should behave appropriately, dress decently and ask for permission before taking photographs.

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