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Dodoma became a name before it became a town and the stories about it vary. One of the less known ones is about some Wagogo tribesmen who stole a herd of cattle from their neighbours, the Wahehe. The Wagogo slaughtered and feasted on the animals, leaving only the tails. When the Wahehe came looking for their lost herd all  they found were the tails sticking out of a patch of swampy ground.  ''Look'', said the Wagogo, ” Your cattle have sunk in  the mud, Idodomya'' (which means ''it has sunk'' in their language). From that time on the place became known as Dodoma, the place  where it sank. 

Former president of Tanzania, Mr. Julius Nyerere  announced Dodoma as the elected capital of the country in Oct. 1973. Dar-es-Salaam however still remains the commercial capital.

                                                         The parliament building

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