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Doctor Livingstone I presume?

This favorite line from Henry Stanley when he finally found David Livingstone on the shores of lake Tanganyika in the village Ujiji has been preserved for all times. Many other great names are associated with Tanzania (sometimes referred to as the cradle of mankind). Jane Goodall the primatologist, Hugo van Lawick the famous wildlife photographer, The writer Ernest Hemingway (The Snows of Mount Kilimanjaro), Richard and Mary Leaky. Each one came to explore the untamed and unlimited resources that can only be found in Tanzania, the heart of Africa.

Books and Guides:

Tanzania & Zanzibar

By Annabel Skinner (Editor)

This excellent guide includes detailed travel advice; over 280 safari lodges, hotels and tented camps; over 150 restaurants, bars and cafes; 25 maps; stunning color photography; comprehensive safari-planner and wildlife guide and idyllic island hideaways. (5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 452 pages, color photos, maps)

The Rough Guide to Tanzania

By Jens Finke

Tanzania offers the traveller a varied geography that ranges from Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and Lake Tanganyika to the shores of the Indian Ocean. This guide includes practical information on getting about from buses to bicycle and boat rental, while listings sections provide reviews of the accommodation, eating and drinking for all budgets. Also covered in the book is hiking and outdoor information including trekking Kilimanjaro to snorkelling off Pemba's coral reefs.

Tanzania (Globetrotter Travel Map)

By Graham Mercer

Part of the "Globetrotter Travel" series, this map is an introduction to Tanzania for the visitor or tourist. With colour photographs and town plans, it highlights scenic routes, nature reserves, parks and places of interest and shows hotels, climate charts, distance charts and calendars of events.

The Safari Companion

By Richard D. Estes

A Guide to Watching African Mammals Including Hoofed Mammals, Carnivores, and Primates (Paperback)


African Animal Tracks: An Introduction to the signs of familiar species.

By James Kavanagh

A fun way of recognising important game.

Birds Of East Africa

By John Fanshawe and Terry Stevenson

A comprehensive guide to 1,388 species of birds of East Africa featuring 286 excellent color plates by Brian Small, John Gale and Norman Arlott. Illustrations, range maps and text are on facing pages for easy reference in the field. This book has the advantage of covering the western limits in detail. With introductory chapters on conservation, bird habitats and taxonomy.

Kilimanjaro & East Africa: A Climbing And Trekking Guide
(Aug 2006) 

By: Cameron M. Burns
More than 50 routes, including summit walk-ups and serious technical climbs Completely updated and expanded descriptions of travel to and from East Africa and the major trekking and climbing destinations .

Wild Heart Of Africa:

This book is the story of the Selous, a game reserve in southern Tanzania. It is the largest protected wildlife area in the world. There are no people living within its boundaries and it contains some of the greatest wildlife concentrations on the continent, including 70 000 elephant, over 120 000 buffalo, more than half a million antelope and a couple of thousand large carnivores roaming freely in its forests, riverine thickets, steppes and mountain ranges.

Serengeti : Natural Order on the African Plain
By Mitsuaki Iwago

A grand visual panorama of life, death, and renewal on the great Serengeti plain of Africa. 280 color photographs.



Safari: A Chronicle of Adventure

By Bartle Bull

In this magnificent book, Bartle Bull charts the history of the African safari from the first great expedition of 1836, when Cornwallis Harris crossed the Transvaal with an ox-wagon, to the guides of today, carrying on the tradition in the swamps of Tanzania and the forests of Ethiopia. Capturing the timeless beauty of the African bush, Bull tells of the men and women who made this land their home. From Frederick Courtenay and Beryl Markham, the legendary expeditioners who brought fame to the safari to Teddy Roosevelt and the Prince of Wales -  and the native Africans who made the adventures possible. An active environmentalist, Bull examines the ethics of hunting and the apparent dilemma of the hunter-conservationist. Against a rich background of tribal and colonial history, he documents developments in weapons and transport, in literature and film, in game control and conservation - and conveys the attraction that has never changed the magical freedom of the African bush

Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile

By John Hanning Speke

In this 1863 volume, Speke recounts how he discovered Lake Victoria in East Africa in 1858. The book is part natural history, part travelogue, and part adventure tale.

Emily Ruete

Ruete could be the subject of a thrilling romance. As Romero ( Life Histories of African Women ) explains, she was born in 1840 as Salme, princess of Oman and Zanzibar, and grew up privy to the machinations of her father's harem and of her scores of siblings. Following her father the sultan's death in 1856, Salme participated in one brother's unsuccessful coup to wrest the throne from another. Despite strictures confining Islamic women, she trysted with a German who is thought to have impregnated her, fled to Germany where she converted to Christianity, changed her name, married her lover, bore three children and was soon widowed

Jambo Means Hello

Swahili Alphabet book
By Muriel Feelings

Much loved dual language English and Swahili picture book.


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