African safari to Tanzania in East Africa. Taylormade custom  safaris travel and honeymoons to tanzania, zanzibar, Selous. Safaris to the Selous game reserve, largest gamepark in Africa.


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Karibu Tanzania

History tells of the “cradle of mankind” at Olduvai, the arrival of the bantu-speaking people, far-eastern merchants trading in ivory, gold and slaves, Vasco da Gama and subsequent European explorers, Arab sultanates, tribal chiefs, colonialism, wars and independence.

Tanzania is like Noah’s Ark, sheltering her great diversity of creatures - animals and humans - on savannas, in rainforests, on mountains, in the ocean, in lakes, rivers and swamps, in deserts and woodlands, in villages and cities. From the inconspicuous dwarf mongoose scurrying around termite mounds looking for insects and larvae to the stately elephant matriarch purposefully leading her herd to new feeding grounds. And not least, her beautiful, proud and friendly people, forever ready to greet visitors with a smile and a “karibu” - welcome!

Tanzania, land of diversity.
Multi-facetted as a Tanzanite, the rare gemstone found only around the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro....
Rich in history, rich in wildlife, rich in culture
Beautiful. Friendly. Wild.


A Tanzanian safari is a unique travel experience that touches something deep within us. It is both intriguing and exciting; a fascinating balance between amazing wildlife, landscapes and people.

Untamed Horizons is the Tanzania Safari Adventure Specialist. Whether you want a classic bush safari, a rough adventure in the hinterland, chimpanzee trekking, mountain climbing, diving and fishing in the Indian Ocean or maybe a combination of them all, we will do our utmost to accommodate your specific requirements and requests. The possibilities are endless.


Untamed Horizons has two safari camps, Zebra Camp in the northern circuit and Hippo Camp in the southern circuit. These are ideal locations from which to explore the country’s national parks and game reserves.

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We at Untamed Horizons quite simply want to make your safari an experience that will stay with you forever.

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